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We reached our goal!
Thank you for your contribution

Together we raised $10,000 during our second annual #REF-4-STEPH Campaign. The proceeds were donated to breast cancer awareness charities in memory of Stephanie Daily.

The #REF-4-STEPH campaign referee recruitment initiative also generated over 35 new youth referees!
So, not only did we support LBBC & YSC, we are also addressing the referee shortage.

Blast Equality Collab
is grateful to our donors, sponsors, and volunteers for their effort and continuous support!

Complete List of 2023 Donors

Arden, Dave
Arden, Pam
Barcellos, Joe
Barclay, LaMark
Baxter, Kyle
Bossenmaier, Katie
Casas, Jimmy
Clark, Ashley
Cortez, Kaitlynn
Daily, Owen
Dallman, Dan
Dolcini, Ashlynn
Dubois, Caleb
Ferrick, Jay
Galloway, Ryan
Hamilton, Gary
Hanson, Peter
Hawkins, Odele
Henley, Paul
Hilsabeck, Andrea
Hunter, Dominique
Iton, Levis
Joelsson, Eric
Johnson, Danielle
Jones, Damian
Kaplanes, Stefania
Kimura, Kaili
Lerch, Mike
Lewis, Deon
Milburn, Danielle
Nelson, Alyssa
Ortellado, Juan
Oubeko, Khamtane
Parrish, Ariel
Peterson, Jon
Ruocco, Ryan
Russi, Jodie
Schrauth, Harry
Scofield, Bob
Smith, Steve
Stein, Chuck
Thomas, Jeff
Thome, Erick
Twitchell, Gaby
Twitchell, Grace
Uda, Gidget
Ulmer, Lisa
Vaden, Don
Wellman, Greg
Yamaoka, Jeff

Complete List of 2022 Donors

Alabanza, Jason
Anganes, Derek
Arden, David
Arroyo, Enrique
Austin, Gregory
Banal Hoyt, Melissa
Barcellos, Joseph
Barr, Sarah
Biller, David
Bossenmaier, Katie
Brazier, Devaughn
Campos, Sofia
Casa, Jimmy
Clark, Ashley
Cui, Kevin
Curtis, Bobby
Daily, Owen
Dangleis, David
Dolcini, Ash
Ely, Sarah
Esparza, Kristyne
Fields, Breana
Galloway, Ryan
Gadek, Carrie
Hamilton, Gary
Hanson, Peter
Hernandez, Gabbie
Hum, Ed
Hunter, Dominique
Jones, Tierney
Jullien, Andrew
Kelly, Jordan
Kim, Anthony
Kiyanfar, Farshid
Kmieciak, Zach
Li, Stephen
Logue, Nathalie
Lopez, Cobán
Lopez, Efren
Lozow, Dave
Mariotti, Melanie
McGlynn, Kathleen
Meyerson, Chris
Morris, Frederick
Ortellado, Juan
Pappas, Dana
Peterson, John
Pond, Kaylee
Pond, Wylie
Pond, Kari
Ross, Carlton
Russi, Jodelle
Sumilang, Mike
Thome, Erick
Triplett, Rachel
Uda, Gidget
Vaden, Donald
Wellman, Greg
Williams, Will
Willis, Jeff
Yamaoka, Jeff


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Blast Equality Collab™ (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) is a leadership collaboration taught through the lens of diverse sports experiences. 

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