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Don Vaden 
President Don Vaden Interactive Consulting, 
Third Side Coaching Consultant

Don founded his consulting firm (DVC) for two fundamental purposes: Help NBA Players, Coaches, GM’s and Owners understand the playing rules to deepen the team’s rules/interpretations knowledge with a focus on player development utilizing officiating analytics and improve communication lines between players/coaches and officials. DVC is equally focused on providing quality individualized training and development for basketball officiating programs at all levels of the game, enabling foundation building through mastery competency paired with a transparent evaluation platform and to responsibly perform postgame performance analysis, bringing forth a high degree of both personal and situational awareness to both individual and crew performance.


Don’s Background – Over 40 years of Officiating


Experience on & off the court:

Vaden refereed 854 regular season games, 59 Playoff games, the 2002 NBA All Star game and the 2002 NBA Finals. Following his elite on-court NBA career, he positively impacted officials’ performance at many levels including NBA, WNBA, G-League and NCAA. As a former Vice President of Referee Operations for the NBA and Director of Officials for both the NBA and WNBA, he represented Referee Operations at Competition Committee meetings, helped implement the Last Two-Minute (L2M) Report, assisted with nightly operations of the NBA Replay Center and was responsible for the on-court scheduling, performance and evaluation of the officiating staff.

Prior to the NBA, Vaden officiated Men’s NCAA Division I Basketball in the ACC, Colonial, Big South and Metro Conferences. He worked the Men’s NCAA, ACC and Colonial tournaments, the NIT and the NAIA National Championship Tournament. He also officiated one season of NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball in the ACC.

Don received his B.A. from the University of Lynchburg.

Contact Don Directly:

(775) 219-9967

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